At Jupiter Limo Services, we do understand that a luxury limousine service will display the value of a first impression. The phrase “you never get a second chance to make a first impression” is more than just that. Did you know that a person’s first impression is formed in just 7 seconds? Those seconds matter, whether it’s the first impression of a person or a business.

In those critical first 7 seconds, clients are already deciding whether they will do business with a company; in reality, studies have shown that first impressions are focused on about 93 percent of non-verbal cues. The way we look and our body language convey these important first impressions to others, and most often we are unaware of these non-verbal signs.

Imagine organizing corporate sedan service for that all-important business party, or looking forward to a special night on the town, and up drives a sleek town car or stretch limousine; what will be your first impressions? What, moreover, would other people’s first impressions be? Here is Jupiter Limo Service’s ABCs of making a great first impression, whether in a corporate or social environment.

Keep an eye on the time and arrive on time.
Being late gives a poor first impression like nothing else. Being on time seems simple enough, but at times it can seem to be a lost art. Time is money in business, and being late will cost you a sale.
Be sure to check the mirror
Let’s face it, our first experience is almost always visual. Our presence also plays a role in making a good first impression. A polished, professional appearance conveys optimism and integrity, as well as the fact that you are detail-oriented. Jupiter Limo stands out among other luxury limo services in the region because of our attention to detail. No detail is too small for our chauffeurs to attend to, from having a fresh copy of the daily newspaper to bottled water and ice. When was the last time a luxury car service could make such a claim?
Courtesy is a virtue that never goes out of style.
The simplest of approaches can sometimes go a long way toward making a positive first impression. It’s incredible how much a genuine thank you can mean to anyone. Jupiter Limo’s experienced and professional chauffeurs are courteous and sincere, and they want you to know how important you are to us. Luxury limousine service conveys a sense of deference, and we recognise that our clients deserve to be handled with the utmost deference.

There are so many opportunities to make that grand entrance or make that invaluable first impression. If you are looking for a prestige limo service, we want to help you make a boundless first impression that will be remembered. Visit our website at to learn more about our fleet, fares, and pricing, or to submit a quote.

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