06 Reasons you should be talking About LIMOUSINE

06 Reasons you should be talking About LIMOUSINE

Word limousine goes hand in hand with luxury. Everyone wants to travel in a limo for once in their life. It always brings forth an image of luxury and superiority. We usually think about fancy events on which we would love to ride this beauty.

We have seen limousines as stretched cars, here some interesting facts about them:
1. From where did these cars originate? Well! Limousines are not recent; we have been in style for about 100 years. It had features like enclosed rear compartments to provide guests with privacy. The first limousines featured an open driver compartment. The passengers sat in comfort in the back department, and the driver sat in the front.
2. What does the word "limousine" mean? "Limousine' is a French word and it came from the Limousin region is a sparsely populated region of France that’s well-known for its traditional outfit (a cloaked hood worn by shepherds) that safeguards against the weather. However, limousines were given a name based on traditional outfits.
3. How long is the longest limo? The longest limo is 100 feet long with 26 sets of wheels. With two driver cabins and features, we could not imagine.
4. Were limousines the first air-conditioned vehicles? Yes! Since 1939 the limousines have been air-conditioned, but not all limos were air-conditioned.
5. How many types of limousines are there? The most popular are SUV limo, Lincoln Navigator, and Lincoln Stretch Limousine. You can find other limos made from a pickup truck, Ferrari, Lamborghini, Mini Cooper, and many more.
6. So you can party in a car? Yes! By hiring a party bus you can also party in the car!  So isn't it exciting; to travel in this luxurious car? Of course, it is, and every one of us wants to travel in it.

Here is why you should hire a limousine over a taxi:
1. Affordable: With a cab, you will have to pay more for longer distances and additional services like loading and unloading your luggage. But, the limo service offers all inclusive pricing that includes wait time fees, midway pickups, and drop-offs.
2. Comfort and Cleanliness: Taxi drivers don’t get enough time to clean their cars between fares or shifts. On the other hand, limos are well-maintained and come with cushioned seats for your comfort.
3. Impression: Limousines are premium vehicles that enable you to arrive in style at a client meeting or a grand event.
There are countless advantages of limousines over taxis. You will enjoy multiple perks if you hire a limo service, from enjoying a comfortable ride at a fixed rate to creating a good impression on others. The cab services may or may not be as good as you expect it to be.
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